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pick me up mondays: an apple a day 
9th-Mar-2009 11:21 am

I love apples, and I really do eat one every day! Back in school I always had my 10pm apple, I never really followed the no-eating-3-hours-before-bedtime rule (though I doubt I slept at 1am either anyways!) or was that 6 hours? Hmm.. Anyway, I love apples as my night time snack, they're full of vitamins, fiber and taste amazing! Apples that I love: gala and fuji. Apples that I hate: red delicious (so powdery..blech..) Apples that are soso: granny apples (good for when I feel like eating sour apple candy!)

This isn't all about apples, but eating right! I try my best to fill myself with more fruits and veggies than grain products like rice/bread/pastas. I'm a total cookie monster, so I'm lucky that my favourite kind happens to be healthier than most - the oatmeal raisin cookie! *drool... Despite trying to eat healthy though, I must admit I can polish off a big bag of chips in less than a day. Its gross I know, but soooo good! I haven't done that in a while though and don't plan to! I'm also known for never drinking any water too. I'm like a camel haha So I've been trying to drink enough fluids as well.

It doesn't take too long to make a healthy meal - though I'm still learning how! Having an efficient kitchen (organized, proper utensils, counter space etc) helps tremendously. Less TV dinners, less eating out and less processed snacks (I love snacking on granola, this recipe by Kathleen Daelemans has got to be the easiest and simplest ever).

A killer combination with vanilla yogurt.

Take care of yourself! Exercise would be good too ;) baby steps...one thing at a time.
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