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5th-Mar-2009 12:01 pm
must make this short and sweet - I'm still chugging away at getting my spreadsheets in order (I am hating it!!) and trying to get it all done by at least this weekend. But its finally overcast after 3 beautiful sunny blue sky-ed days! I'm taking a break from the chore of spreadsheets and spent all morning snapping some photos of some new pieces, and some old ones that need to be re-done! Tomorrow will be a good photo day too - YAY!!

New jewelry will remain a surprise - that and I haven't photoshopped them yet but I have felt the need to de-stash again!

On a side note, I was looking at my February Etsy bill the other day and I did pretty well!! AND I only renewed 8 times. That feels amazing. I've been hesitating to renew my listings because of the new way that Etsy lists things, in batches. Is there even a point in renewing so much anymore? I guess you stay at the top of searches, which is primarily how I shop. Search keywords, refine, refine, refine - not this not that until I narrow it down to something reasonable.
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