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Canadian Etsy Love: Montreal 
6th-Mar-2009 10:28 am
Its been years since I've been to Montreal and all I remember is that it was a beautiful place and I ate yummy crepes at some famous creperie =) I'd love to go back someday soon! Maybe when it gets a little warmer hehe Every so often, I'll see an Etsy shop that jumps out at me and oftentimes, they're from this amazing city!

Mooka Soap

Jasmine and Calendula, $3
These Jasmine scented bath bombs look good enough to eat!

Asil Art

Crimson Harvest, $440
I'm no art connoisseur, but there's something about this painting that I just love! Its probably the colours, the three bobbles, the dripping sky and faded bars on the left. There's always something new when I look at it!

le ptit papillon

Mobile Rain of Colors, $15
So sweet and simple for a children's bedroom, I love the pink orange and yellow for girls and the yellow green and blue for boys!

Little Houses

Birch Top, $80
Put together and sophisticated, with just a slight amount of ruffle.


Swinging at Tibidabo, photo print $30
bomobob's carnival collection, so whimsical and reminds me of the 50s!


Gold and White Feather Necklace, $40
I loved this shop since I first laid eyes on it! I'm a fanatic and this light and airy necklace is perfect for me. Asymmetrical? check! nature inspired? check! unique? big check!

Kerry loves Montreal =)
Stay tuned next week for Halifax!
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