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10th-Mar-2009 11:59 am
oiii I couldn't get any orders out yesterday cuz I started getting that achy-all-over feeling and my throat hurt.. =( it has been a busy busy week, last week and this week trying to photograph as many new pieces as I can and filling in wholesale orders - I think stores are preparing for the new spring season or something! Oh my goodness. Not to mention I'm still trudging through my spreadsheets, damn shift in linked cells...

Shop updates! I made a new banner!!

This white one was supposed to match my backgrounds back when I photographed against white, but I've been pretty happy with the black background and my banner started looking a little out of place! The little lady on the left will be missed... my parents said she looked like a pregnant lady =S

This whole week I'll be listing new designs, I've got a new collection of necklaces to be launched this week! It is going to be a surprise, so I've kept the preview small ;)

There are 12 different ones, guess what it is! hehe actually you can sort of see it... LOL
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