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24th-Feb-2009 01:54 pm - Inspired By the Oscars!


Silk Ruffled Bouquet Blouse from White House / Black Market, $88

The Duchess

Ruffle Back Blazer from ASOS, $36

Slumdog Millionaire

I.N. San Francisco Sequined Knit Top from Dillard's, $19.50

Revolutionary Road

Sunny Day Dress from ShopBop, $375.00
23rd-Feb-2009 11:45 am - Studio Shots: The Taxman Cometh!

A record of my purchases, pricing spreadsheet and a fancy graph - how I wish I had a graph with the sales that I made last/this year...sadly, its of my website hits - I noticed that there aren't any real trends other than people don't really like to browse my shop on Wednesdays (hence the dip in the middle in both 2007 and 2008). Everything since I started needs to be re-done, since I didn't really take re-listing on Etsy into account, and calculated a -$0.20 for everything - clearly not that easy if it doesn't sell... Where did I get my spreadsheet? It was a free template that I modified to suit my own needs from serena, it was super helpful and I HIGHLY recommend knowing how to price your work accurately!

Box overflowing with shipping receipts - needs to be organized...BADLY. Usually its a standard same amount for certain destinations, but once its over 100g, or over 20cm or some other shipping restriction, the price changes and since I haven't been recording my stuff - I have to go back to each exception to the norm and record that *cries...

My credit card bills, receipts for both personal AND shop related purchases all in a big pile on the floor...these are now organized (still on the floor) in designated piles.

I have...a LOT of work to do *cries again...
20th-Feb-2009 10:24 am - *sniff sniff

So sad... I need someone who lives in the US and willing to ship stuff to me because stupid retailers don't ship internationally. I like my shoes high and I like 'em crazy. Ever since I saw these on sale, like a week and then some ago, I've been pining for them ever since. And they're on SALE of less than HALF OFF!!!! I love myself a damn good sale. Hmm.. I probably shouldn't be posting these or else I won't be able to get a pair for myself! They only have them in black on the Canadian Website and its just not the same.

Does anyone want to do me a huuuuuge favour? I'll pay you for postage n stuff...*puppy dog face*

*    *    *

Stay tuned this coming Monday for Studio Shots! Another look into a piece of my world!
19th-Feb-2009 11:35 am - hoarding.
I don`t know what it is, I make things and always hold on to them for days, even weeks sometimes for some reason - other than not being able to come up with a name (yet another reason why I hold onto things!!) I think I`m both excited an anxious to reveal a new piece to the public!

This is the one of my many hoarded pieces, the first bracelet I`ve made in a long long while! Maybe because I rarely wear bracelets, but I love how it turned out!! This WILL be available tonight. I swear it - I just need a name...

I`ve noticed a trend here with my latest colour choices for my new pieces...I do love coral and blue!
18th-Feb-2009 09:53 am - turtle pile!!
I love these guys, they make quite a bit of noise for pets that can't make noises... can they?? Well I've never heard them, but they sure do a lot of turtling around, kicking, shuffling and splashing about! Sometimes I really wonder what's going on inside those turtle-y minds...I caught them in a live action turtle pile!!

Now I'm not sure about their genders but stop thinking dirty! I think they're just enjoying each other's company - and perhaps maybe trying to get more height in hopes to escape their aquarium.

Or trying to keep warm, the only way turtles can - sandwich style, since they can't hunch up in a ball. Yup thats poo over there on the bottom right. Time to change the water...maybe they're trying to escape their own poop-water! haha There's only room on that rock for one unless they do this!

They unpiled themselves after this, because they caught me and thought I might have had food... haha but a half hour later, turtle pile round 2!!!!

I snapped these real quick and dashed, I figure I'd let em enjoy it =)
17th-Feb-2009 10:46 am - Lights!

Sound familiar? Her song was used in an Old Navy commercial a while ago! Anyway, I heard this song on the radio and I had to find out who it was. And she's from Toronto!! =)

I think they re-did the video to this one now, but I like the old one better:
16th-Feb-2009 12:49 pm - colour inspiration
Its a lazy family day for Ontarians and everyone's got the day off =) well, most people - I hope you're enjoying yours!

I'm really excited that my new and improved line is finally coming together! After de-stashing (and continuing to de-stash) over at my supply shop I feel refreshed, I'm in love with my final product and ready to create all the time. I've had wonderful responses to the newest designs, so I must be doing something right!

So where does all this inspiration come from? Mostly I'm trying to focus my inspiration, if that makes any sense! Focusing on all things nature inspired, so at least I'm not up to my nose in supplies I won't use because there are way too many ideas in my head before I can even make them a reality! I'm having trouble focusing on colours - shall I do bright colours only? pastel? earth tones? should I narrow in on my colours at all? Anyway, when I need colour inspiration, YumiYumi is just one of many shops I frequent when I want to get myself inspired! Not only is Aline's artwork like some kind of wonderful fantasy, the colours work so well with the ideas flying around in my head!

White Love Birds (green) $20

Vernal Equinox $42

Flower Burst (white/teal) $20

Smoke & Cyan $14

Little Spring Garden $20

Peacock (Daquiri) $24

The Lychee Berry Monsters $20

Mayflower $24
Fuschia has to be my favourite colour for the coming Spring/Summer season! I always thought of felt as being those elementary school craft type material - think, finger puppets with yarn for hair and plastic googley eyes, green felt Christmas tree ornaments with sequins, metallic pipe cleaners and way too much glitter (I was guilty of both of those as a kid). But who knew that felt could be such a unique medium to work with! The texture makes it warm and fuzzy and whatever these artists do to it to make it stay in such wonderfully organic shapes has me amazed!

I did some Etsy window shopping and stumbled upon some lovely felt and textile pieces - felt necklaces, 2 ways - light and airy/bold and chunky

GIPSY by virginie etc, $44
This one is my absolute favourite, its light and muted, but very feminine, I love the floral fabric wrapped around the beads!
RED WOOL by tijusai, $30
Let the oversized red flower do all the talking! I`d wear this with a simple black top.
PURPLE HAZE by nimblejacks, $31
Simple and sweet, the necklace is adorned with little felted discs and posies, this dark purple is nice and wintery!
FLOWERS & BUTTONS by flowers n butterflies, $25
Oh look at all the shapes and colours and textures!! My favourite component is that little cutout leaf!

JUNGLE FRUIT by fleurfatale, sold out
The colours used are so earthy yet vibrant, I love the leafy garland that the centerpiece hangs from!
FLOWER NECKLACE by martak, $21
Bold felted flowers in cozy warm maroons, burgundy and burnt sienna - each flower is so organic and uniquely shaped!
BOBBLE BRANCH by OlliesWoolies, $29
A modern take, these bobbles with a pop of lime green are like sea coral or an alien plant from Saturn!
ORANGE FLOWER by karlita
Organic strands of long purple felt adorned with little orange posies!
12th-Feb-2009 11:25 am - trouble with names!
I make stuff. and sell stuff. But sometimes what holds me back from even listing anything is naming my work. I've started making a list of pretty words to use, but sometimes they don't fit quite right, sort of like a certain piece was destined to have a certain name. I wanted to have these ready for the Holidays back in December, since they're a little wintery, but anyway! Better late than never! And so finally with new names imagined, I finally will be able to put these new silk screened lockets up for sale. The 'Wild Skies' bird lockets!

The bright colours and details somehow remind me of very wild birds =)

The first is the Bullfinch, already up on Etsy!

In other website news, since most of my work is made to order, I'm going to try and implement the choice of various necklace lengths in the shop in 16" 18" and 20" increments (for pendant styles). It was just easier for me but I think my customers will appreciate that and be much happier with a length that fits them perfectly!
11th-Feb-2009 11:21 am - the jersey boys =)

yay!! the boy and I are going to see Jersey Boys for Valentine's Day! For those who don't know, its a musical about Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons and how they became famous.

The music is a little before my time, but I grew up with it with my dad listening to them among many MANY others (his CD collection is ginormous along with some in vinyl too) and I love it! It just reminds me of the good ol' days like in Archie comics, sipping on a soda or sharing a malt shake at Pop Tate's =) Can't wait!

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